General Yoga Classes for all levels & Women’s Health & Well-being Classes

‘Yoga classes that will awaken the mind, body & spirit, bringing physical and emotional stability and clarity of mind.’

My classes are designed to balance mind and body. I am trained in Classical Hatha Yoga but over the years I have undertaken classes & trainings with teachers from various other schools and have enjoyed the benefits that come from other traditions. Thanks to this, in my classes, I integrate aspects of various traditions in order to give students a holistic approach to yoga and encourage the development of a practice that best suits them.

Classes include asana practice, pranayama, meditation, yoga nidra and kirtan. I also weave in aspects of yoga history and philosophy.

I also draw on inspiration from Ayurveda, seasonal & lunar cycles and incorporate these into classes as appropriate.

I have a special interest in yoga as a way to improve women’s health and well-being and offer specific classes for women. Classes focus on helping women develop their own inner wisdom by using their own rhythms and cycles to bring about positive changes to their relationships with their own bodies and health. Classes include gentle sequences for pelvic and menstrual health for women in all stages of life.

I also offer workshops on specific aspects of yoga Philosophy including the Bhagavad Gita, Chakras and Mandalas.

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