Workshops & Classes

Meditation & Mantra

A monthly gathering to nourish the soul. ♥ 2nd Monday of every month

An evening of meditation, mantra & mystical poetry from various yoga traditions.

Each session will begin with a meditation to bring us into a nourishing & restful space, before exploring mantras & chants in all their various forms.

From a simple chant of OM to the sounds of the yoga gods & goddesses to a more kirtan style of chanting, we will explore the beautiful sounds of Sanskrit & mantras from various yoga traditions & be inspired by the mystical poems of yoga & the Sufi poets – Rumi, Hafiz & more.

Come along & be enchanted, nourished & inspired in body, mind & spirit. ♥

Booking is essential as space is limited. Call for more details.


Wheel of the Year Celebrations

A series of gatherings to celebrate the 8 sabbats of the Wheel of the Year that will help us tap into nature’s cyclical patterns to create a sense of rhythm and flow in our lives that moves in tune with the seasons. A place where we can connect to the magic of life through movement, story, rituals and kitchen wisdom.

Each session will include seasonally inspired yoga & movement practices, seasonal stories & folklore, herbal kitchen medicine, self-care practices, simple ritual, meditation and deep relaxation alongside the magic of ceremonial cacao.

The Magic of Samhain

Samhain marks the beginning of a new year in the Celtic calendar and is one of the 2 major fire festivals. It is a portal that takes us into the darkest time of year – a liminal time when the veil between worlds is thin. The clocks are going back and the days are getting shorter so come and spend time in deep relaxation with seasonal practices that will help you embrace this time of year and discover the magic of Samhain.


The Quiet of Winter Solstice

Winter and the upcoming Solstice marks the darkest time of the year when Mother Nature has settled down to rest. But with the busyness of the holidays, it can can a hectic and stressful time. this gathering will be an ideal time to reflect, release and restore. In tune with the season, we can go within and explore our own inner landscape. We will honour this magical time of year, find our own calm and stillness, surrender to the darkness and really embrace the Winter Season.


The Awakening of Imbolc

Imbolc is a time of transition – Winter is almost over but Spring has not quite settled in but the stirrings of new life are there waiting to burst forth. Also known as ‘First Light’, Imbolc is a time for rebirth, sowing our creative seeds and welcoming back the light.


The Aliveness of the Spring Equinox


The Enchantment of Beltane

Beltane heralds the coming of early Summer and the bright half of the year. It is a time to honour the beauty and fertility of the earth.


The Beauty of Summer Solstice

At Summer Solstice – the Golden Summer Season – nature is at its most vibrant and abundant and the sun is at its peak. It’s a time of warmth and vitality that begs to be savoured in all its glory.


The Golden Delight of Lughnasadh


The Warmth of the Autumn Equinox


Call for more details and to book your space